Safe and Sound Storage provides you with an inexpensive and secure environment to store all your belongings.
  • Easy 24/7 drive up access – keypad entry
  • Security fenced – Video monitored
  • Individually alarmed units
  • Various sizes starting at 10’x10’>
  • Fenced outdoor storage
There are countless reasons for using a storage facility. Above are a few examples of how you could benefit.
Safe & Sound Storage offers service and security...



  • Easy 24 hour drive up access – 7 days a week
  • Electronic gate keypad entry
  • Personal access code
  • Individually alarmed units (monitored by an alarm company 24 hours/day)
  • Perimeter security fence
  • Video surveillance (recorded 24hrs/day)
  • Provide your own lock to ensure privacy and only you have access
  • Fenced outdoor storage
Storage units are rented in 4 week increments and are to be paid in advance. 2 weeks written notice to vacate must be given prior to renewal date. Safe and Sound Storage accepts cash, cheque or credit card.
  • 10’x10’: $130 (+ HST)
  • 10’x15’: $189 (+ HST)
  • 10’x20’: $250 (+ HST)
  • 10’x25’: $300 (+ HST)
  • 10’x30’: $357 (+ HST)
$30 refundable deposit is required. This amount is refunded to the lessee if all rules are obeyed and there is no damage to the unit.
Pricing ranges from
$1 to $1.1 per square foot (+ HST)
Outside storage: Call for rates
What you need when storing with Safe and Sound Storage
  • Proof of ID (photo ID)
  • Complete a Use Agreement
  • Alternate contact details (emergency contact at a different address)
  • Payment (Cash, cheque, VISA, MasterCard or American Express)
  • Padlock
  • We recommend Insurance coverage for your goods
Safe and Sound Storage strives to make sure our customers get the best value for their money by providing clean, safe and efficient storage spaces. Here are a few tips which may help you with your storage needs.


Safe and Sound Storage
17 Industrial Way
Elmsdale, Nova Scotia
B2S 2L4

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Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


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How much space do you need?

Below you will find a general guide to assist you in making this decision. Sometimes it is better to be on the safe side and rent a slightly larger storage space. This would particularly hold true in cases where the facility was almost at capacity. In this case if you rented a unit that was too small, you may not be able to upgrade or rent additional space.

It is also a wise idea to visit a facility and view the unit sizes so that you have better idea of which size unit you will need.  Always make sure that the unit you choose is capable of fitting your largest piece of furniture.

The chart to the right can be used as a general guideline.

Sizing Chart
Unit Size Recommended For
3 * 5 15 sq. ft./ 135 cu.ft. Boxes
5 * 5 25 sq. ft./ 225 cu.ft. Boxes and small furniture
5 * 8 40 sq. ft./ 360 cu.ft. Bachelor apartment
5 * 10 50 sq. ft./ 450 cu.ft. 1 bedroom apartment
5 * 12 60 sq. ft./ 540 cu.ft. Large 1 bedroom apartment
8 * 10 80 sq. ft./ 720 cu.ft. Small 2 bedroom apartment
10 * 10 100 sq. ft./ 900 cu.ft. 2 bedroom apartment
10 * 12 120 sq. ft./ 1,080 cu.ft. Large 2 bedroom apartment
10 * 15 150 sq. ft./ 1,350 cu.ft. Large 2 bedroom apartment
10 * 20 200 sq. ft./ 1,800 cu.ft. Small 3 bedroom home
10 * 25 250 sq. ft./ 2,250 cu.ft. 3 or 4 bedroom home, no appliances
10 * 30 300 sq. ft./ 2,700 cu.ft. 3 or 4 bedroom home, with appliances
10 * 40 400 sq. ft./ 4,800 cu.ft. Large home, multiple cars or boat
10 * 50 500 sq. ft./ 6,000 cu.ft. Large home, multiple cars or boat
View suggestions for determining the unit size needed